--------PLEASE OFFER---------
-Paypal only please
-Will only trade for sailor moon items I am looking for
-Shipping within the US will be- $2.00 for figures and books (figures will be first class and book media mail. All other Countries please comment or message for shipping quote)

-Also available : Sailor Moon doujinshi Moon Fight #1

-CLAMP in 3D Land figure: SOLD (shipped)
-Tifa figure: SOLD (shipped)
-Both Asuka figures sold (shipped)
-Anko kimono figure- SOLD (shipped)
-Ten Ten figure- SOLD- (shipped)


-Pokemon phone straps: SOLD (shipped)
-Naruto sakura keychain - SOLD (shipped)
-Naruto sakura shippuden figure- SOLD (shipped)



Fushigi Yuugi Vol 11 and 12: SOLD (shipped)
FMA vol 1-3 and chinese 9, japanese 10: SOLD (shipped)



Finally Complete!!

I finally finished her! Thanks to everyone who helped me out by posting their advice and own experiences!
-For the base I ended up screwing her in through her feet so I can take her down and put her away if I need to. :)
-Used- enamel paint (by brush-plastic bristles), toothpicks (for small areas :P), super glue, wooded base, screws,.....

More pics-

Sailor Moon wish List- (Updated)

I don't mind items without their boxes! ^_~*


Would really love this!-
--Neo Queen Serenity mini plush key chain--
-& the witches 5 girl mini plush keychain from the same set as neo queen serenity-

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Final exam!

Today is my final test for my lifeguard certification!!! I'm SO nervous! I have to do rescues and do them perfectly, not to mention the CPR XD I'll leave at 3 and be back by 6. I'm praying I pass :P
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Transactions and Feedback

Hi! ^_^ You can leave feedback for me here, and also view any of my transactions whether you are a seller or buyer.

---My buying transactions---

-pgsm_usagi - Sailor Moon lot- (payment sent through paypal on 03/18/08)

---My Trades---

-khaleesi - Sailor Moon backpack, cards, and FFX wallscroll for- Sailor Moon Musical DVDs-

---Selling Transactions (that have yet to be shipped)---


---Shipped this month (April-May)---

-yixsh - Wallscroll
-amethyst_koneko - wallscroll
-khaleesi - Sailor Moon backpack, cards, and FFX wallscroll for- Sailor Moon Musical DVDs-
-elektrajolt - wallscroll

-invader_julie - Cards (Dark Feraligatr and the newer Blastoise)
-xinliyoushu - Shiny Butterfree pokemon kid
-rukarioh - Eevee- Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan
-battyvitae - Cards (pikachu card and ash/pikachu )
-anuvia - Cards (Typhlosion, Feraligatr, ninetails, and cyndaquil)
-candycafe - Cards (Neo destiny holo porygon 2 and Entei)
-candycafe -pokemon neo cards -(sorry, went out late ^_^ I had no idea I was out of envelopes.)
-skinst_bomb -Lugia holo
-poorjack -Big stitch plush, stitch radio, and pokemon jars: pikachu, squirtle, charmander, and bulbasaur
-maniac_online -Meowth jar
-teambenevolence -Naruto lot
-atomicstoney -Typhlosion card
-dreamaria -Team Rocket Tin box
-norika -Pokemon lot
-serasaturn - pikachu backpack
-melia_seyroon -Naruto Sasuke plush
-goku_the_saru -pokemon chop sticks and pikachu lunch box
-onecrazysinski - Death Note L figure
-alanna_lioness - pokemon jars


From sellers: 2


From buyers: 9


From traders: 2


Positive: 13
Negative: 0
SCORE- 100%

I Won!

So I barely made it on time for weigh-ins, got there at 9:45 they close at 10pm; only to find out that I would have 2 fights the next day. My first fight ended w/ a knock-out in the first round, I ended it with a round house to the head (she's ok though ^^) My sencond fight went 3 rounds but I won all 3 and took home the national kickboxing title (in my weight class)! So now I have a big title belt! ^_^ I had to hold it up though cause' when they put it around my waist it slipped off. I guess I can fight in front of a thousand people but I can't talk in front of of 3 or more ^^

No, my hair isn't on fire, it's just dyed red ^_~*


I made this Livejournal for my entertainment because I'm tired of Myspace. Working on HTML now.